Go Audio Awesome 3.04: A Bad Case of the Rutgers

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When's that intro coming to spotify?

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I listened on Podbean, I think that's what it's called (whippersnappers with all their 'pod-things'), but please feel free to use the following article on a Gadsen Purchase prank as you will:  https://ktar.com/story/768767/got-ya-ua-students-pranked-into-giving-sch...

"Boys do what they want to do. Men do what they need to do." --Norm Parker

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Just listening to the episode now, but I had to comment on the photo of Chris Ash.

Football coach? Nah.  Legislator whose greatest work is sponsoring a bill declaring mayonnaise the official condiment of State X? Maybe!  The dad on every single Disney sitcom ever? Definitely. 

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Just another garbage commenter spreading my *sshole all over the internet.

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His face when told that Kirk won't punt on 4th and 1 from the Rutgers 32 yard line

There is no fucking drummer better than Neil Peart