THE WEIGH-IN 141: To The Max?

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That mullet deserves top billing. Absolutely glorious. 

I spent half my life's earnings on wine, women, and song. The other half I wasted.

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I think Joe Dirt just called....

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Iowa released the potential lineup for the Tenn-Chat meet.  Murin isn't listed at all.  141 is either DeSanto or Happel.  

Not sure what is going on.

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who's listed at 133?  I can't find a link.

Punting is a bold strategy, let's see if it pays off for them.

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DeSanto, Teasdale, or Glynn. 

For whatever it's worth (which may not be much) this is what the Match Notes list for the lineup: 

125: Lee
133: DeSanto/Glynn/Teasdale
141: DeSanto/Happel
149: Lugo
157: Young
165: Marinelli
174: Kemerer
184: Wilcke
197: Warner
285: Cassioppi

Fuck it, be a legend, DeSanto and wrestle back-to-back matches. 

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If one guy has the energy to do it...

I spent half my life's earnings on wine, women, and song. The other half I wasted.

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If it's Teasdale at 133 and ADS at 141, then either Wilcke or Cassioppi is the "weak link" in the lineup. That's pretty impressive. 

PSU probably deserves to be #1, but Nolf and, especially, Nickal weren't just champs, they were bonus point machines. 

Long season. Stay healthy and be ready to peak at the right time. 

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And now, to make it even more confusing, here's the people that are going to Open tourneys this weekend:

141 – Aaron Meyer
141 – Justin Stickley (unattached)
149 – Zach Axmear
149 – Cobe Siebrecht (unattached)
184 – Abe Assad (unattached)
197 – Cade Brownlee
197 – Sam Cook
197 – Zach Glazier (unattached)
125 – Aaron Cashman
133 – Gavin Teasdale
141 – Carter Happel
141 – Max Murin
149 – Jeren Glosser
149 – Vince Turk
174 – Myles Wilson
184 – Cash Wilcke
197 – Connor Corbin
285 – Aaron Costello

Traditionally, Iowa doesn't have guys wrestle opens then duals in the same weekend.  But some of those guys are starters.  So who knows?

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Probably extrapolating way too much, but I think this almost makes me even more confident in the Teasdale/DeSanto 133/141 split.

Murin and Happel both heading to Luther almost gives that a bit of a wrestle-off feel, but even if it's not, Happel was the only other guy besides DeSanto listed as a possible 141'er for Sunday's dual (Murin wasn't listed at all). So why would you set things up this way just to have Happel also go 141 against UT-Chattanooga a day later?

Meanwhile, the trio of listed possibilities at 133 was DeSanto/Glynn/Teasdale. But with Teasdale going to Luther tomorrow, you'd surmise that Glynn gets the start on Sunday (given the other assumption I've made above). If that's the case I'm all the more confident in Teasdale manning that spot because we know he's better than Glynn based both on last Thursday's wrestle-off's and basically all other info we have. Teasdale is just better.

So if DeSanto ultimately goes 141, that 33 spot is going to be Teasdale's, not Glynn's.

It also would make some sense to split Teasdale/Glynn's duties this weekend that way because of the schedule on the horizon. Sure, if Teasdale is your presumptive starter it would be cool to see him wrestle in the season opening dual at Carver, but he's also yet to wrestle a true collegiate match and Glynn is a fifth-year senior.

You've got big duals against ISU and Wisconsin set for the next two Sunday's, so even if you decided to run Teasdale out at Carver this weekend, do you really want him going into those next two duals with only a single match of collegiate experience?

UT-Chattanooga's starter at 133 is way off of the rankings radar, so it's not like Teasdale is losing all that much in terms of competition by heading to Luther instead. And he's also going to get at least 3-4 matches at an open tournament as opposed to just the one if they saved his debut for the dual meet.

Makes a lot of sense to send him there to knock the rust off and get settled in with multiple matches before things get serious starting next week.

Of course this is all just wild speculation, and may be completely baseless given that your starter at 184 in Wilcke is also going to the Luther Open, which I have no idea what the hell that means.

Then again, the puzzle will come together itself over the next 40+ hours, so this is all just fun and games anyway.

New phone, who dis?

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At the Luther Open, Carter Happel wins 1st place with three falls and a major decision.  Max Murin won his first match by fall but the lost by medical forfeit.