Are You Ready For A Rock Fight?

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I have to admit I hate-like this rewriting of the song very much.

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Might be your best one ever. I would contribute a good amount of rum to getting you to record thus song.

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I assure you that no one wants to hear me sing. 

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Let’s score some Homeruns!

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Kirk Ferentz: "The biggest thing I have is the length. It’s going to be boring as can be."

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I would like to hear Ross sing. It would be entertaining, for sure. I mean, I’ll listen to Vint, so why not Ross?  I think Ross underestimates his talents. I’d probably listen or subscribe to anything Ross would sing/write. Ross is the Boss. Although I suspect his voice isn’t as talented as the real “Boss”.  Still, would listen. 

"I know what I'm suggesting." -therealCatnuts

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He works hard at it, though.  Real lunch-pail type of singer. High motor.

I never wanted to Fire Ferentz. Good bye and good luck, Gary.

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Long slow clap for this one.  Well done

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