We’re Talking Bowl Games 2019: Post Week 11

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HoustonHawkeye's picture

The mediocre can't be choosy when it comes to bowl opponents.

I strongly prefer winning over losing.

Fake Lie Dakich That Is Not Real's picture

Even a shitty bowl is better than the Inkan-Sola Bowl.

After spending years being bullied by the big ten, I decided to become the bully and go after Iowa basketball players. I also have no concept of what is real and what is fantasy, as demonstrated by my belief that I could coach.

LiquidElectron's picture

At this point just give us the bronze pig and ruin Minny's good time.

BrimstoneBaritoneAntiCycloneRollingStone's picture

Agreed. If we can just fuck up the goofers season I'll be happy regardless of how we finish. How fucked is it that I'm saying that? About Minnesota?!?

There is no fucking drummer better than Neil Peart