The Hybrid: Happy Trails, Sparty

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Sparty got fucked. 

Goldy got fucked.

Baylor got fuuuuucked.

PSU bout to get fucked. 

Nebraska fucks themselves for years to come with a self-inflicted injury to the head coaching body part. 

Bobby, you’ve noted before that the life engine of college football is not so much glory for your own team but schadenfraude for when the rivals or evildoers of the sport get fucked. Well, that engine is roaring right now. Good times. 

I spent half my life's earnings on wine, women, and song. The other half I wasted.

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"What do you think of the Scott Frost extension?"

Fully support it. It'll take at least 10 years to expunge all the hoodie-wearing millennial weaklings.

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one week from today, Frost & Co will be hanging their bowl game hopes on upsetting Iowa. 

Go Big Dead

no more yankey Chuck's wankey

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I checked the 1974 UConn football schedule and they didn’t play a game south of New Jersey that year; so there’s nothing necessarily pointing to the idea that KF met Kirby Smart’s mom somewhere along the line and, after a particularly low scoring football game, the two of them had a tryst. But there’s nothing on the internet that expressly rules out the idea that Kirby Smart is KF’s love child either. Just saying. 

Pig shit you say? Smells like $7 Billion to me.

Also, fire Gary Barta.

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Since Kirby was born 12/23/75 (thanks, Wikipedia), he would have probably been conceived in March of 1975.  That's maybe during spring break.  Just saying.

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Kirby's mom was dating "Sonny" Smart at the time, and not knowing whom the real father was combined Kirk's and Sonny's names into the portmanteau of "Kirk" and "Sonny"....


(the "b" is for the 3rd potential father, Bobby Bowden.  It's a long story...)

Formerly YouCanPutYourEddsInIt

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You can just go to the store and get some potato salad.

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If Sparty fires Dantonio, I'd reckon it will be a long time before they find another good coach.  They'll end up a longtime resident in the bottom half of the East.

In the past decade:

6 top 25 finishes/10+ win seasons
4 top 10 finishes
3 conference titles
2 BCS/playoff appearances

MSU thinks they can do better?  I'll laugh if they try.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull." - W.C. Fields

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A co-worker (Michigan fan) pointed out that Dantonio is due a $4.3 million longevity bonus as of 1/15/20.  And his buyout is $7 million.  So if there's a time to do it, it's this season.

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Based on their handling of the gymnastics scandal, I expect them to put up with this for quite some time

"Everybody got distracted by last week's game. Last week's game doesn't mean crap. It's what you do today." — Kirk Ferentz

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I'm here to give the Monmouth guy credit for being a grade A classless douche.  I have no idea what might have transpired earlier in the game, so he might have felt justified.  But watching him taunt the (presumably) bench KU player and then yell "I don't give a fuck!" puts him squarely in idiot territory.

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Kansas should have just tossed the ball into him the rest if the game and let him hulk out so there would be any form of entertainment in that game

"Everybody got distracted by last week's game. Last week's game doesn't mean crap. It's what you do today." — Kirk Ferentz

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Reading Brian's statement on MSU recruiting, I was immediately terrified that because Iowa wasn't mentioned, Iowa's class was ranked below MSU.  I had to check, and it's not true.  But I had to check.

Woodson shows how it's done.  Look the ball in, pause to gather, take off high stepping to avoid guys already on the ground.

It's like some sort of long pant swaddle diaper that Michigan put Paul in.

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"If Dantonio does decide to pack it in, good luck having that guy convince a coach to sign up for a job in the same division as stable, winning editions of OSU, Michigan, and PSU—especially after MSU's fanbase now expects 10 wins instead of 7."

We're calling Michigan "stable" now?  C'mon, man.

I never wanted to Fire Ferentz. Good bye and good luck, Gary.

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Hahaha, was specifically gonna call that part out too. Y’all know me too well.

"Be good or be good at it"

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UM's S&P+ Rank

2015:  10th

2016:  6th

2017:  13th

2018:  10th

2019:  10th (thru Week 12)

UM's 247 Composite Recruiting Rank

2016:  8th

2017:  5th

2018:  22nd

2019:  8th

2020:  11th (thru 11/21/19)

That's unstable?

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Stop bringing in facts when we're making fun of Harbaugh.

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When next year's schedule was announced and Iowa had Michigan State-at Penn State-at Ohio State, all back-to-back-to-back, I think everyone collectively groaned.

The schedule is still really difficult, but the Michigan State game looks less daunting by the day. Kirk, getting one more shot at Dantonio, in Kinnick...let's just say the offense will be full-go October 3, 2020.

Comedy is where the mind goes to tickle itself.

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I'm here for the Donny Derangement props.  That TD was pretty big at the time and he shows that he's earned that scholarship.  I was glad to see that it was him who got that ball, if anyone had to.