Pickin' On the Big Ten: Week 13, 2019 Season

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I was glad our game was early so that I'd have a chance to leave Kinnick and watch some of the bigger games of the week.  Then I saw that OSU and PSU is at 11 too, damn it.  Oh well.  PSU isn't going to hang with them anyway.

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Can 6-6 Mich State and 5-7 Nebraska play each other in the Little Caesar's Bowl in Detroit?  A great Delany-going-away gift.  

On a more serious note, RIP Charles Rogers.  Sad that he had a rough life after starring at MSU and not living up to his potential with the Lions.  

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I read these religiously almost entirely to see the creative names you come up with for the schools. Lov(i)e it!

But what if you know a Stacy, and her Mom's a fucking troll?

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Whoa.  This is like a legitimate opportunity for Indiana to break its 20-whatever-year streak of losing to Michigan.

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is there no preview article for the basketball game tonight? I had to actually go to the rest of the internet to make sure there was really a game and if it was one TV. (surprisingly it is, not used to BTN actually televising early Iowa games)

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We've been unable to independently confirm the existence of a "University of North Florida."