2016-2017 Big Ten Basketball Preview

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chitownhawkeye's picture

Ugh.  Zombie Wisconsin not only can't be killed, but somehow got stronger.  

Chuck Longs Mom's picture

Nebraska has a BBall team?

Big Sky Hawkeye

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All this data and all you really had to say was LOL Rutgers.

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Purdue has a guy named OG?

How can a player account for negative win shares?  That seems bad. Is it bad?

Lastly, how can Bronson Koenig and Melo Trimble still have eligibility?  I swear those guys have played for at least 6 years now. Who do they think they are, Jess Settles?

"I know what I'm suggesting." -therealCatnuts

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Damn... I really wanted Tony Carr or Cassius Winston to come to Iowa. I think I'll like Maishe Dailey, but damn, Carr is like a big-bodied PG that would have looked good for Iowa this year.