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Omaha to Ames

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July 27, 2022 at 8:53am
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If Omaha Biliew is not going to play for Iowa, I am probably in the small minority of Iowa fans who is glad he is staying in state. ISU has a monster 2024 class but getting them to Ames is only the first part. They need to stick around awhile and Otz has to get them to play as a team. His getting to the Sweet 16 last year makes that a strong possibility.

I don't see Billiew having the impact on ISU that the Murray bros. are having for Iowa. He's likely a one-and-doner. I'd be more than happy to see ISU knock KU off the throne for a year or two. Mac is also recruiting well so Iowa and ISU fans have a lot of good basketball to look forward to.

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