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What Might Football Scheduling Look Like if the B1G Expanded to 16 Teams?

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October 2, 2017 at 10:09pm

Ever since OU, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech almost bolted for the Pac-12, I've wanted the B1G to stop having a number of teams that makes scheduling a pain in the ass and expand to 16. Instead of having divisions, this conference would be split into 4 pods of 4 teams. The particular teams don't really matter, but I usually go with Notre Dame and Pitt to prevent Iowa from being stuck in a pod with Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This gives us these pods:

  West North South East
Team 1: Iowa Michigan Indiana Penn State
Team 2: Nebraska MSU Purdue Pitt
Team 3: Wisconsin OSU Northwestern Maryland
Team 4: Minnesota Notre Dame Illinois Rutgers

The problem I've always had, though, is that I wasn't sure the scheduling would work out as well as I thought it would.

Turns out, it does!

Every team plays eleven conference games. Three games against their own pod, four games against another pod, and two games each against the remaining two pods.

Every team plays every conference opponent  at least four times every six years, and each B1G player gets to play at every stadium at least once.

Your move, Jim.

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