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Just Can't Stand Any Type of Success

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November 12, 2017 at 7:56am

We all know it was a pathetic excess of adjustments by coaches, case of dropsies (once again) by WR, throw in a lil inaccurate throws by NS and you have recipe for a blow out!

But why?  Iowa was never in nor up for this game.  No adjustments were made game plan and plays called reverted to prehistoric days of college err High School errrr pee wee football.  If you were going to give BF all the credit last week then he and staff takes ALL the blame this week.   Whenever this happens most coaches will take the blame. Not in IC it is all about execution...  

We had a NFL QB on roster last year and wasted his talents.  We have littered the NFL with starting TE's this year and obviously have lineman throughout too.  On the D side we have lineman, LB's and DBs throughout...So talent is not the case...There is enough to win. 

Knowing that there will not be a change at the helm until 2026 but lets play the what if game...Would any of you make a coaching change a the end of this year?  If so what direction would you go?  Iowa has plenty of money to pay 4.5+ mil per year so money is obviously not an issue... Would you go hot youngin or more for a retread like nebbie, Ill??  Do you make it someone that has to have Iowa petigree or go or do you just continue to accept mediocracy and status quo and not make a change?  

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