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BTN Puts the Children's Hospital Wave Up for Sale

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November 19, 2017 at 8:16pm

Why must it happen?

"The Wave" was one of a kind. It still is, I suppose, but through no fault of the children, the hospital, or even the University of Iowa (directly), the wave to the Stead Family UI Children's hospital has been exploited for commercial gain. 

We are now familiar with mid-first quarter reminder that "the greatest new tradition in college sports" is on its way. "Don't turn away" says the BTN/ABC/ESPN/FS1 announcer, "we aren't going anywhere and neither should you!" They are correct. That stuff doesn't get old. It doesn't divide us. It warms our hearts and reminds us of what is possible when we put all of the bullshit to the side and come together to help people who need it. 

The Big Ten Network (BTN) does not need our help. I will spare you the analysis of the network's enormous profits and direct your attention to the north end zone project over the next couple of years. The University of Iowa alone receives ungodly sums of money from its rather small piece of the pie. 

Dr. Pepper does not need our help. It is a soda/pop brand. I think Dr. Pepper tastes good. It is bad for you. You know, carbonated and caffeinated sugar water with a fairly popular ad campaign. The Larry Culpepper commercials are funny enough, as commercials go. They achieve the goals of name repetition and memorability. 

Which brings me to the sale of "The Wave." Yesterday's "Dr. Pepper Craveable Moment"? You guessed it: THE WAVE. It finally happened. BTN couldn't resist selling ad space and Dr. Pepper couldn't resist buying it. It was nothing short of gross. 

My profession necessitates an extra helping of skepticism, but I remain hopelessly convinced that people are basically good. The Wave was good evidence in support of my conviction. People actually crave mass demonstrations of selflessness and goodwill, not Dr. Pepper. Stop it, BTN. 

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