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Alabama or Ohio State

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December 3, 2017 at 10:15am

With Wisconsin pulling a slightly less convincing 2015 Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game, the playoff argument shifts to that fourth spot.  Unless the committee is drunk, it'll come down to Alabama or Ohio State.  I wanted to take the time to mention how awesome this is.  I clearly don't like either team (I admit to hating Wisconsin much more).  However, consider the following:

- These are two of the most annoying and vocal fan bases

- One team is guaranteed to be disappointed and will probably hold a grudge

- Much of the talk will be about Alabama's schedule and Ohio State's bad loss

- Talk about Ohio State's bad loss will confirm that 55-24 happened and matters

- Because of a grudge, 55-24 will likely never be forgotten by OSU and Alabama fan bases 

I think Ohio State goes, and I want them to win it all and here's why.  I am convinced that teams with a big talent disadvantage can beat an elite team, but cannot blow them out.  14-13 can point to luck.  55-24 usually cannot. 

Well, we 55-24'd Ohio State, and since that point, our expectations have risen. When Iowa sleepwalked through the next two games, a small contingent pointed to recruitment and the lack of playmakers that Iowa has.  I want Ohio State to vicariously put that point to bed. 

What do you all think?


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