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Season W/O Disappointment

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June 27, 2018 at 12:24pm

I was thinking about expectations for this upcoming Iowa season and came to a conclusion, “Iowa never does what I think they’ll do” Maybe more specifically, when is the last time Iowa had a season without a single disappointing loss.

I started by thinking of 2015, but I would argue that the Rose Bowl loss was disappointing, not because we lost, but because we didn’t seem to show up.

I then thought about 2013 because all of our losses came against teams with 9 or more wins. I still think, however, that losing to NIU was disappointing.

Maybe 2009? We lost to jNW, but under the circumstances of losing Stanzi, maybe that was less disappointing than it was agonizing.

What do you all think? When did we skip the disappointing loss?

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