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Congrats! You’re the New AD

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November 15, 2018 at 2:11am


Great News!! Barta has been relieved of his duties, and KF just announced his retirement. You’ve been selected as the new AD. You have to replace Kirk. Who are your top 3 candidates (within reasonable expectations that they would take the job/interview) and who do you select and why?


my 3 would be:

Mark Stoops, Iowa guy having a great run with Kentucky right now would love to see what he would do with Iowa

Phil Parker, looks like a hire that would lead to more of the same but maybe not yeah we would be a run first team that plays hard on D. Maybe he would change how we run and modernize the offense to something he hates to defend

Jim Caldwell, Former Iowa player and currently unemployed. Could end up being like Lovie Smith, but he did run a great offense in the pros. Also he has connections to someone that I would love to see coaching the Iowa offense in Payton Manning(assuming he even wants to get into coaching at the college level*)  

*he doesn’t  

out of those 3 I think I would go with Mark Stoops because of a more proven record in college, although Caldwell would be interesting to me 


let me me know what you think I always find this kind of thing to be fascinating 


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