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Akrum Wadley Autograph Scam?

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March 30, 2020 at 11:58am

Anyone else hearing about this? Its quite troubling. It sounds like Akrum scammed several individuals out of a lot of money by offering to sign autographs on balls and helmets for cash, took payments, but never sent the merchandise. From what I gather, some individuals did receive some things from him, but several did not. There are some claiming Akrum was paid over $1,000 but that he never sent anything in return. Akrum's latest twitter post indicated that he was suspending shipments because of "the Virus" and to contact him if he wanted a refund, but it appears that he promptly closed his direct messages and is now blocking those asking about refunds or shipments. It also appears that he has been scamming people since as early as last spring, and I'm not sure shipping lines have been affected by the Virus in any event. It  may be that he is out of money and can't afford to buy the merch and send it.

Based on some of the amounts, Akrum appears to be dabbling in felony territory. I wonder if the University can lean on him some before it gets to looks like he was selling University trademarked gear so maybe there was some involvement by the University. Either way, I hope this gets resolved.

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