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Kaevon Merriweather Sums Up in One Tweet Why Ferentz Banned Social Media for 20 Years

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June 8, 2020 at 11:58pm



"If you think you could possibly call yourself an Iowa Football fan and you can not agree with what I said and what this team is standing on, Then stop calling yourself a fan, IMMEDIATELY! BECAUSE I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT WE DO NOT CARE!"

 "If you can not support us right now with this movement and with our team taking a knee during the national anthem, DO NOT support us during the football season. DO NOT watch our games on TV. DO NOT come up to us when you want photos. DO NOT ask us to give your kids autographs. DON'T COME TO US EXPECTING US TO DO FOR YOU WHEN YOU CAN'T SUPPORT THE BLACK ATHLETES ON THIS TEAM AND THE DECISIONS WE MAKE AS A TEAM."

"I would rather play in front of 1,000 fans who care about us as people outside of football and what we are standing for, than 70,000 fans who only care about us when we are in uniform and on the field entertaining them." 


Mr. Merriweather has taken to twitter to appoint himself program spokesman on who can and can't be an Iowa football fan. This comes on the heels of numerous entities including Iowa Football bowing to the pressure to dump their policies and surrender to this movement sweeping the nation.  If you hold even the slightest differing opinion, go fuck yourself, you are not a fan, Kaevon does not care how long you have been an Iowa supporter.  Is this the message Iowa Football wants to send?

Real discrimination in any form should not be tolerated anywhere including Iowa Football.  I am not surprised by the timing of the mass overnight cries of victimhood triggered by this unprecedented national opportunity to seize power over a variety of institutions, now including Iowa football.


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