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November 29, 2020 at 2:15pm

Please spare me all the covid related excuses and explanations, Petras has three years in the program, six games starting experience, a solid offensive line, a great group of receivers and this is what we have for a result with zero improvement from week one.  After the Nebraska win I went back to looked at Spencer's high school highlights.  I realize one puts his best work into a highlight reel but his throws especially deep throws had a degree of accuracy that reminded me why he was recruited.  This of course leads one to wonder why none of this has been present this year?

The short pass attempt to an uncovered Smith-Marrsette in the end zone which he should have been able to complete left handed was thrown so far over his head Ihmir didn't even attempt to catch it.  This was the crowning jewel of a season of throwing behind the receivers, at the receivers feet, massive over throws and panic throws into double and triple coverage.  Many of his completions are due to receivers making incredible adjustments or vertical leaps exposing themselves to being speared.  Of his passes that arrive between the numbers more than a few have been to the opposing players. 

Although I am very thankful the team is winning I am amazed there has been zero improvement in Spencer's throwing accuracy through six games which leads me to wonder why the coaches have not given someone else a some reps when he has struggled so bad.  Kirk is a talented coach and I admire his loyalty traits but sometimes he rides a slow horse way way too long. This is shaping up to be one of those times. 

With Illinois coming up next week it would be a great opportunity to see if the next guy inline can do a better job of finding receivers.  If Spencer truly is the best and only option in the QB room I hope the coaches are searching for a graduate transfer for 2021.  Go Hawks!

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