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Recruiting 2020 Early Signees

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December 16, 2020 at 3:37pm

What's Your Take on This Class? Who Do You Predict Being the Best?

Name 247-composite/247 Ht Wt  Pos
David Davidkov 4*/4 6'6 295  OT
Connor Colby 4*/4 6'5  305  OG
Justice Sullivan 4*/4 6'1  220  WDE
Beau Stephens 4*/4 6'6  295  OT
Cooper DeJean 4*/4  6'2 195  S
Keagan Johnson 4*/4 6'1 180  WR
Max Llewellyn 3*/4 6'5  230  SDE
Joey Labas 3*/4 6'4  190  QB
Arland Bruce 3*/3 5'10  195  ATH
Gennings Dunker 3*/3 6'5  290  OG
Jaden Harrell 3*/3 6'2  215  ILB
Griffin Liddle 3*/3 6'3  270  DT
Jeremiah Pittman 3*/3 6'2 255  DT
Jeffery Bowie 3*/3 6'5  245  SDE
Zach Twedt 3*/3 6'3  205  TE
Karson Sharar 3*/3 6'3  205  LB

For me it is hands down Davidkov. Kid is gonna be a beast (along with Elsbury from last class). He has that aggression that we've lacked up front.

Sullivan also intrigues me. Is he a hands in the dirt end or Evans type edge rusher. Then it is curious if Bruce stays at WR where he was recruited or is a HB. Watched him in the state final and he is very shifty and could fit in the slot nicely but is built well enough to run between the tackles.

I think Harrell is gonna be a very solid backer for us as well and am curious to see if Brecht is a legit WR or is he a TE. He looks the part as a WR physically but didn't catch much of him in the final(was just kind of skipping through a recording to catch Bruce).

Also not sure what to expect of Labas. He has good size and he looks like he has decent athleticism for his size but it is always hard to judge a high school QB's athleticism. He doesn't seem to have a cannon for an arm but does seem quite accurate(his highlight tape showed some pretty impressive completions thru tight windows but also a few deep balls that the WR had to come back for). His throwing motion could use some work imo. A little slow and low and kind of just has it hang out wide from his body. Not quite a sidearm throw but still enough to make you nervous of a few strip sacks.

What's your take? 

**If this has decent enough traffic I'd like to do this every season. Forums on here seem to not get a lot of attention so we will see.

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