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NCAA Division I Wrestling Rankings

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January 24, 2017 at 7:12pm

I like wrestling and I like watching the rankings throughout the season. I also enjoy spilling many words on wrestling. I want to see if there are other people who share joy in this. Typically Intermat is used as the go-to source for rankings by websites (without their own rankings), schools, news outlets, etc etc. so I tend to look at those rankings more than others. Let's look at and talk about this weeks rankings!

Intermat Rankings 1/24/17

Iowa summary:

125: #1 Thomas Gilman (1)

133: #4 Cory Clark (3)

141: NR Topher Carton (was ranked but can't remember where)

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen (3)

157: #2 Michael Kemerer (2)

165: NR Joey Gunther (UR)

174: #11 Alex Meyer (13)

184: #5 Sammy Brooks (5)

197: NR Cash Wilcke (NR)

285: NR Steven Holloway (NR)


National summary:

125: Returning AA (5th) Conor Youtsey (Michigan) enters the rankings at #10 after being injured to start the year. Sean Fausz (NC State) enters the rankings at #14 after dropping down from 133. No other real significant movers.

133: Seth Gross upset Kaid Brock over the weekend and gets the #2 ranking for his efforts. Stevan Micic falls from #4 to #7 after losing to Zane Richards by 7-4 decision.

141: Everything stayed the same save some shuffling at the bottom as happens throughout the year.

149: No changes to the rankings. It should be noted that Lavion Mayes (Missouri) beat Justin Oliver (CMU), which hurts Brandon Sorensen's chances to avoid the 4 seed at Nationals, assuming he hasn't cracked the Retherford code by Big Tens.

157: A lot of shuffling in the middle to bottom of the rankings. Largest mover was #12 Brian Murphy (Michigan) who fell from #9 after being upset by Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) who went from NR to #18 after the victory. Also of note is returning AA (4th) Dylan Palacio (Cornell), the previous #4, is out of the rankings after moving up to 165 which aided in a lot of the shuffling.

165: Not much movement at the top, but a whole mess of it in the middle to bottom. The aforementioned Palacio slots in at #7 bumping a lot of people down a spot. Dylan Cottrell (West Virginia) drops from #8 to #14 after being upset by Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) 8-5, who promptly rises from #14 to #11. #19 Seldon Wright (Old Dominion) was majored by a still unranked wrestler (Tyler Rill of Bucknell) and finds himself of the cusp of NR himself after dropping from #15.

174: A lot happened, but a couple major things in these rankings. Mark Hall enters the rankings after having his redshirt pulled at #7. For those curious, yes Mark Hall has the resume to justify this ranking despite losing to Meyer. In the past month he has beaten returning AA (4th) #13 Casey Kent (Penn) 9-4, #5 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) by Fall, and #8 Kyle Crutchmer (OkSt) 10-3 most of whom were ranked higher at the time. Without the loss to Meyer, Hall would've very likely been ranked #5. Second, #15 David Kocer (SDSU) rose from #20 after defeating Crutchmer 7-2. Crutchmer fell from #5 to #8. There's also a lot of other movements that would take too long to get into.

184: Not a lot of movement. Biggest thing is #15 Steve Schneider (Binghamton) dropped from #11 after getting upset by a still NR guy (Samson Imonode of Army).

197: #7 Nathan Rotert (SDSU) upset Preston Wiegel (OkSt). Not too much stock was placed into that victory, as Rotert only moved up one spot while Wiegel dropped from #4 to #8. Other significant movement is #14 Kevin Beazley (Old Dominion) dropped from #11 after losing to #20 James Benjamin (Buffalo) who was previously NR.

HWT: Sam Stoll is officially out of the rankings after his season ending injury.  Besides that, the biggest result to affect the rankings was #9 Nathan Butler (Stanford) rising from #13 after upsetting #7 Tanner Hall (ASU) who fell from #4 in glorious HWT sudden victory. Also of note is UNI's JJ Everard entering the rankings at #20 after upsetting #17 Gage Hutchison who fell from #14.

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