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NCAA Division I Wrestling Rankings 1/31/16

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January 31, 2017 at 9:48pm

Let's take some time to look at this week's individual weight class rankings. I tend to refer to InterMat because they are the biggest name in rankings and the place most websites (that don't have their own rankings), media, and schools use when stating a wrestler's rank. Generally there is little variance between rankings, especially at the top, but if you like to go by another source's rankings, by all means post it!

InterMat rankings 1/31/16:

Iowa summary:

125: #1 Thomas Gilman (1)

133: #4 Cory Clark (4)

141: NR Topher Carton (NR)

149: #4 Brandon Sorensen  (3)

157: #2 Michael Kemerer (2)

165: NR Joey Gunther (NR)

174: #11 Alex Meyer (11)

184: #5 Sammy Brooks (5)

197: NR Cash Wilcke (NR)

HWT: NR Steven Holloway (NR)

Parentheses notes previous week's ranking.

National summary:

125: Nick Suriano (Penn State) moves to #2 after Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) was upset by Darian Cruz (Lehigh). Reminder that Suriano is a true freshman. You'd think Cruz would move up more than on spot after upsetting the #2, but he only moves up one spot because the guy ahead of him, Ethan Lizak (Minnesota), beat him by MD earlier in the year.

133: The usual lower end shuffling happens. #15 Connor Schram (Stanford) continues to fall in the rankings after AAing last year.

141: Randy Cruz (Lehigh) was upset and fell from #11 to #14. #13 Jared Prince (Navy) rose from #18 after having beat Cruz two weeks prior and #17 Logan Everett (Army) this weekend.

149: Bad news for Brandon Sorensen at this weight. Lavion Mayes (Missouri) defeated Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State), so now Mayes and Collica are the respective #2 and #3 at this weight, knocking Sorensen down to #4, i.e., on the same side of a bracket as Zain Retherford. Unless Mayes or Collica are upset by someone along the way, or Sorensen can defeat Retherford at Big Tens, this is how it will probably stay. Upsets here included Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) falling from #6 to #8 after losing to Steve Bleise (Northern Illinois), who rose from #12 to #10, as well as #12 Laike Gardner (Lehigh) falling one spot from #11 after losing to NR Malik Amine (Michigan).

157: Joey LaVallee (Missouri) defeated Joe Smith (Oklahoma State), so they switch spots as the #5 and #6. #12 Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) rose from #18 to #12 after he pulled off an upset the second week in a row, this time defeating previous #10 Josh Shields (Arizona State), who falls to #13. Last weekend Langenderfer had defeated then #9 Brian Murphy (Michigan), who finds himself at #10 this week.

165: Daniel Lewis (Missouri) rose from #8 to #6 after defeating Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) who fell from #6 to #7. Also this week saw Dylan Palacio (Cornell) drop from #7 to #10 after losing a wild 14-13 match to NR Jonathan Viruet (Brown) who will not be ranked anytime soon. Also losing to a NR and won't be soon was Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) who had risen from #14 last week to #11 only to fall back down to #11. He lost 10-5 and his only points were from escapes and a stalling point.

174: Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech) lost to Ryan Preisch (Lehigh), so Epperly falls from #2 to #5 and Preisch moves up to #4. Also re-entering the rankings is C.J. Brucki (Central Michigan), most notable for defeating freshman wunderkind #7 Mark Hall (Penn State) while Hall was still redshirting.

184: Some lower ranked movement that I don't fully understand the reasoning behind happened. Everything #16 and above stayed the same. However, I will note that #8 Pat Downey (Iowa State), did not wrestle #6 Nolan Boyd this weekend. Downey talks the biggest game in all the NCAA and is a future NCAA, World, Olympic, and UFC champion, but always seems to have an injury come the big matches. But I'll admit I'm just a hater. Credit, though, as he did defeat #7 at 197 Nathan Rotert to start the year.

197: One rankings upset occurred over the weekend. Austin Severn (Central Michigan) defeated Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois). Severn rose from #18 to #14 while Scott dropped from #9 to #12.

HWT: Jacob Kasper (Duke) has been climbing the rankings all year, this time going from #5 to #4 after defeating Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) who dropped from #3 to #5. Kasper actually won by 15-7 MD, but the score was within a point going into the third before Kasper was able to get some nearfall points. Kasper is interesting in that two years ago he was the starter at 184 for Duke. He redshirted last year and is now the HWT. I find it interesting that he can join in on the dance of the shaved bears so smoothly. Also, Nathan Butler (Stanford) who upset previous #4 Tanner Hall (Arizona State) last week lost to NR Cody Crawford (Oregon State), so Butler falls from #9 to #11. Oregon State also won the dual off of that upset, so not a good weekend for him.

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