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Kevin Jackson Stepping Down as ISU HC at End of Season

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February 1, 2017 at 5:06pm

This move was long overdue IMO. The ISU program has been a hot mess for a long time. Too many guys have not developed under KJ and they've struggled to compete against good teams for a while now. They have* a good recruiting class coming in, but that shouldn't be enough to save KJ -- and it wasn't. He hasn't shown much ability to develop good recruits in the past -- what would change now? 

Curious to see who they get to replace him. I think Pollard is really going to need to show a serious commitment to wrestling to attract a really good coach... and I'm not sure he'll do that (or if he's interested in doing so). 

* Well, they HAD a really good recruiting class coming in... Two of their best guys, Austin Gomez and Jake Allar, both Top 30 guys I think, are seeking releases to get out of their scholarships. 

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