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NCAA Division I Wrestling Rankings 2/7/17

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February 7, 2017 at 8:19pm

I enjoy wrestling. I enjoy rankings. I enjoy wrestling rankings. Tuesdays are fun because InterMat releases their weekly rankings D1 wrestling. Let's look at them and perhaps talk about them! If you use any other rankings service as your go-to, please don't hesitate to refer to and talk about them.

Iowa Summary:
125: #1 Thomas Gilman (1)
133: #4 Cory Clark (4)
141: #18 Topher Carton (NR)
149: #4 Brandon Sorensen (4)
157: #2 Michael Kemerer (2)
165: #17 Joey Gunther (NR)
174: #11 Alex Meyer (11)
184: #5 Sammy Brooks (5)
197: NR Cash Wilcke (NR)
HWT: NR Stevan Holloway

National Notes:
125: The only big takeaway from this weight nationally is the struggles of Conor Youtsey (Michigan) over the weekend. He lost twice, both to opponents who were NR at the time. Brent Fleetwood (Central Michigan) has been in and out of the rankings during the year and moves back in to #20. Mitch Rogaliner (Michigan State), however, won't crack the rankings this year. These losses dropped Youtsey from #10 down to #17.
133: No changes save a new #20. Interesting is the #20 is Mark Grey (Cornell), a former blue chip (#7 overall) recruit who never reached his potential. Fun fact about that class: Gabe Dean (Cornell) was in this class ranked at #73. There were five recruits in Cornell's recruiting class alone that were ranked higher than he was. The 2012 recruiting class was weird.
141: Topher Carton cracks the rankings again, and is hopefully here to stay. The win over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) who was #16 last week before falling out this week helped, as well as his good showings against a lot of the other middle ranking guys. If he puts together a good conference tournament, he could slide into a seed at Nationals.
149: Only thing of note rankings-wise are a couple of minor upsets over the weekend, both involving #13 Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma). On Friday, he was upset by Alex Kocer (South Dakota State), who moved from #19 to #16 as a result. On Sunday, he upset Max Thomsen (UNI), who fell from #7 to #9. Not rankings-wise to note is that Zain "Z-Pain" Retherford tech falled #5 Micah Jordan. This after he gave up two takedowns, making him look human before he decided being human was boring.
157: Only thing that happened to affect the rankings was Brian Murphy (Michigan) defeating Collin Heffernan (Central Michigan) in Sudden Victory. As a result, Heffernan slides down from #7 to # 10, bumping Murphy up one slot to #9.
165: This weight got shuffled around a little bit. The most important thing, obviously, Joey Gunther's debut in the rankings at #17 after beating Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) this weekend, who fell from #15 to #18. Austin Matthews (Edinboro) pinned Chandel Rogers (Oklahoma State) and saw himself rise from #17 to #13 while Rogers suffered a small setback going from #7 to #8. And finally Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) finds himself in these mentions again as he pinned Bryce Steiert (UNI) in the first period after taking him down twice. Mejias goes from #14 to #10 and Steiert falls behind him from #9 to #11.
174: Nothing of too much significance. Just some entering and exiting at the bottom.
184: Zero change in the rankings this week.
197: Not much happened here either, but there was a small mid-tie rankings upset. Austin Severn (Central Michigan) (for the MMA fans, Dan Severn is his uncle) was upset by NR Jackson Striggow (Michigan), so Severn fell from #14 to #16.
HWT: Only thing of note is the wonderfully named Denzel Dejournette (Appalacian State) upseting Jared Johnson (Chattanooga). As a result, Dejournette moved up from #13 to #9 and Johnson fell behind him from #9 to #10.

All in all, it's great to get two of those NRs off the board. Makes things look a little more exciting as we draw closer to Big Tens and Nationals, as well as the National Duals.

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