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Iowa to Wrestle Edinboro in National Duals

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February 13, 2017 at 9:23am

After a delayed announcement, we now know where the Hawkeyes are heading to close out the dual meet portion of the wrestling season.  They'll be traveling to Pennsylvania next Saturday night to meet the Edinboro Fighting Scots, champions of the Eastern Wrestling League.

The National Duals format is the same as last year when it switched from a bracket format to a "bowls" format with the top non-B1G schools earning the right to compete against a B1G team.  The only difference this year is that the non-B1G schools get to host.

I'm not sure why Iowa drew Edinboro.  Going purely by the rankings, it would have made more sense to send the #3 team to either #5 Virginia Tech, #7 NC State, or #8 Cornell.  Recall that last year, Tom Brands was accused of rigging the selection to duck VT.  I don't know whether that was a real thing or just a manufactured grievance from the Hokies.  Anyway, we get a winnable meet and hopefully another look at Edinboro's amazing unis.  

Northern Iowa won the right to host a match when they upset Missouri yesterday but are unable to because of "unforeseen circumstances."  

Full schedule here:

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