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NCAA Division I Wrestling Rankings 2/14/17

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February 16, 2017 at 11:03pm
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I use InterMat because it is the most often referenced. If you use another site for rankings, feel free to share.

Iowa Summary:
125: #1 Thomas Gilman (1)
133: #5 Cory Clark (4)
141: #13 Topher Carton (18)
149: #3 Brandon Sorensen (4)
157: #2 Michael Kemerer (2)
165: #17 Joey Gunther (17)
174: #11 Alex Meyer (11)
184: #3 Sammy Brooks (5)
197: NR Cash Wilcke
HWT: NR Steven Holloway

It was an overall positive week in the rankings for Iowa. Carton, Sorensen, and Brooks saw significant improvement of their ranks. Carton was the biggest mover by going up 5 spots to #13 after his victory in the Nebraska dual. Carton's had a tough couple of weeks in terms of opponents, and his performance has been incredibly encouraging. If things go his way, he could be a Round of 12 guy at nationals.

Sorensen got a huge favor done for him by fellow Iowan Max Thomsen. Thomsen avenged a loss against Lavion Mayes earlier in the year and Sorensen is the one who benefits most right now, as I would see this loss as enough to keep Mayes below Sorensen for seeding purposes. Sorensen goes up to #3 as Mayes drops, which would put him on the opposite side of the NCAA's Most Dominant Wrestler (they have some sort of stat keeping sysem to determine that). The one problem is that Mayes will more than likely have another opportunity to face Thomsen at the MAC conference tournament (which will be an interestingly seeded tournament with Mayes, Thomsen, and Justin Oliver having rotated victories). Basically we are Justin Oliver fans in that regard.

Finally, Sammy Brooks got a nice bump up to #3 after both T.J. Dudley and Zack Zavatsky were upset over the past weekend. Quite frankly, though, Sammy's ranking means very little. His fate will be decided in the murderer's row that is the Big Ten Tournament which has seven ranked wrestlers, the lowest being #13. Good thing on that front is that Brooks will probably get the 2 or 3 seed, which means he wouldn't see Bo Nickal until the finals, so he should be in a good position to do well.

National Summary:
Jose Rodriguez (Ohio State) upset Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) in Sudden Victory. The victory take Rodriguez from #18 to #16 and the loss takes Lizak from #6 to #7. Also occuring was Tim Lambert (Nebraska) being penalized for losing to Gilman despite it being the closest loss he's ever had to Gilman. Lambert dropped one spot to #6 and Darian Cruz passed both Lambert and Lizak to be the new #5.

Eric Montoya (Nebraska) and Cory Clark switch places after Montoya's victory. They are now #4 and #5 respectively. #12 Josh Alber (UNI) was upset by #15 Bryan Lantry (Buffalo). Alber dropped from #10 and Lantry rose from #16.

The aforementioned Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) falls from #10 to #14 after his upset loss to Topher Carton. McCrystal also lost to Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) over the past weekend, so Pletcher gets the bump from #15 to #12. Another movement is Tyler Smith (Bucknell) defeat Logan Everet (Army), so Smith rises from #19 to #17 and Everett falls from #16 to #18.

Lavion Mayes (Missouri) dropped from #2 to #4 after his loss to Max Thomsen (UNI), who rose from #9 to #8. Everything else stayed the same.

Not much of note here. An All-American (5th) from two years ago, B.J. Clagon (Rider), rose from #20 to #18 after the two fringe guys ahead of him suffered losses.

Biggest thing to happen at this weight last weekend was Bryce Steiert (UNI) pinning Daniel Lewis (Missouri). Lewis was ranked #6 and falls to #7 while Steiert sees himself rise from #11 to #9. The other significant movements occur in the middle with Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) dropping to #14 from #10 after getting pinned by Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) and losing to Branson Ashworth (Wyoming). Ashworth only lost to Rogers 10-6, so that coupled with his victory over Mejias moves him from #16 to #13.

No changes in the Top 20 rankings this week.

This weight had the most significant shake up this week. T.J. Dudley (Nebraska) and Zavtasky's (Virginia Tech) losses drop them from #3 and #4 to #5 and #6 respectively. Myles Martin, who upset Dudley, moves from #10 to #7. Curiously, Micahel Macchiavello upset Zavatsky but stayed put at #11 despite not suffering a loss over the weekend. He did have a bad loss recently, though, so perhaps that's still being held against him. Patrick Downey (Iowa State) dropped to #10 after another month of inactivity.

Typical shuffling that occurs. Not too much to talk about other than Brett Harner (Princeton) dropping a spot after losing over the weekend to NR Benjamin Honis (Cornell). Owen Scott is the ranked wrestler at 197 for Cornell, but the two have been wrestling an equal amount over the season, though Honis has more in duals. It's a confusing situation that I don't fully understand at the moment. Harner dropped a spot to #11 as a result. Owen Scott moved up one spot to #18 and Honis remains NR since a school can't have two guys ranked at the same weight.

Only thing here is your typical bottom rankings shuffling as fringe guys get beat by fringe guys.

We are a month out from the most exciting time of the year (if you are a wrestling fan). These rankings won't mean a damn thing once the seeds are drawn. I can't wait.

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