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NCAA Division I Wrestling Rankings 2/21/17

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February 21, 2017 at 7:21pm

I use InterMat because it is the most widely used around the internet and among news and school outlets. If you use another source, please feel free to share any discrepencies!

Iowa Summary:
125: #1 Thomas Gilman (1)
133: #5 Cory Clark (5)
141: #13 Topher Carton (13)
149: #4 Brandon Sorensen (3)
157: #2 Michael Kemerer (2)
165: #16 Joey Gunther (17)
174: #10 Alex Meyer (11)
184: #3 Sammy Brooks (3)
197: NR Cash Wilcke (NR)
HWT: NR Steven Holloway (NR)

Only major movement was Brandon Sorensen dropping back down to #4 behind Lavion Mayes (Missouri) after his upset loss against Pat Lugo (Edinboro) in the Edinboro dual. He's been in so much flux lately that I'm quite tired thinking about the possibilities and content to just not speculate any further and see what happens come Conference Tournament time. Let the chips fall where they may.

National Summary:
Dylan Peters (UNI) plummeted down the rankings from #10 to #16 after losing a couple of matches at a low end tournament. Injuries are a jerk. There's also some lower third shuffling that occurs as guys lose to unranked wrestlers.

Simple lower rankings shuffling as guys lose to unranked people and fall a bit. Cameron Kelly (Ohio) is the victim this week.

No changes here from last week.

Aside from the aforementioned Sorensen-Mayes swap, Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) also saw himself fall from #7 to #11 after losing to Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) who had fallen out of the rankings before reappearing at #19. Lugo rose two spots to #9.

Only non-low rank shuffling that occurred was Dylan Palacio (Cornell) moving himself back down to 157 after starting the year at 165. He enters the rankings at #10.

No significant changes outside of Palacio dropping a weight and removing himself from the rankings. Brandon Womack (Cornell) takes his place at 165 and enters the rankings as #18 after recording a win against Ohio State in their NWCA Dual.

And at this weight, a #1 ranked wrestler goes down for only the second time in D1 wrestling this year.  Previous #1 Bo Jordan (Ohio State) was upset by Brian Realbuto (Cornell) who was ranked #3. As a result, Jordan assumes the #3 as Realbuto bumps up to #2, giving RS Freshman Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) the new #1 ranking. Arizona State is coming, and they are coming fast. But that wasn't the only major upset at 174! Jordan Pagano (Rutgers) upset previous #4 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) during their NWCA dual. Pagaon jumps up four spots to #15 while Preisch falls to #6. This also results in a Mark Hall (Penn State) bump to #5 from #7 as he recorded a victory over Presich earlier in the year.

A lower ranked guy lost to an unranked guy, so shuffling happened there. The victim was Steve Schneider (Binghamton) this time.

Some mid-level upsets occured at this weight over the weekend. Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) moves from #9 to #7 after defeating Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State)who moves from #8 to #7. Nathan Rotert (South Dakota State) also was upset by Christian Brunner (Purdue) who has been wrestling well lately as he also scored an upset last week over Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) last week. Brunner remains unranked while Rotert only dropped one spot to #8 given he has a victory over Weigel earlier in the year.

The major change here is Jacob Kasper (Duke) slipping a spot to #5 after being upset by Ryan Solomon (Pitt) who moves from #19 to #15. Since the last time I've talked about Kasper, I did a little reading up on his move from 184 to HWT. Dude has a neat story. He redshirted to train for the Olympics and was also battling Crohn's disease during that time, but since has it under control right now. He lost most, if not all, his matches as a freshman in high school and only went around .500 as a sophomore before finishing his last two years 102-11. He just wants to be successful at the sport.

So that's this week in rankings. A little more exciting than most as we saw some shakeups in the Top 5 at a couple weights. Conference tournaments are under two weeks away. I expect the rankings to get all sorts of shuffling come that time.

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