Introducing the Go Iowa Awesome T-Shirt Shop

By Patrick Vint on November 23, 2016 at 10:00 am
Go Buy-Owa Awesome

After almost four months at the new site, we're happy to let you all know that our apparel shop, Go Buyowa Awesome, is open for business.  We've partnered with Humbly Made, the same company providing shirts for our friends at Roar Lions Roar.  The shirt that I received from RLR is the most comfortable t-shirt that I can remember owning, and now it will be available in more socially acceptable colors.


We're offering three shirts at opening.  Our official basketball and wrestling shirts are presented in all their 8-bit splendor (we'll roll out a football version later), and our first football offering harkens back to that hallway conversation before Iowa's win over Michigan.  We don't have a bunch of different styles because we're carrying the inventory ourselves (unlike our former agreement with Spreadshirt), but there is an upshot to that: All shirts are $19.99, plus $6.00 per order for shipping, and you know exactly who to contact if there's an issue.

Inventory is still being printed, so a word of warning: It might be a couple of weeks before shirts get to your front door.  We'll do our absolute best to fill and ship all orders received before mid-December before Christmas, which is why we're launching the site a bit early.

We appreciate your continued support, whether through reading and commenting, supporting our advertising sponsors, or shopping at the new site.  

Go Iowa awesome,


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