Play College Bowl Mania for GIA Prizes! : (Plus: College Pick 'Em Final Results)

By RossWB on December 14, 2016 at 1:10 pm
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So... how 'bout those pick 'ems, huh? First up, let me offer up a mea culpa to you all for the regular season College Pick 'Ems this year, which were a bit of a... let's go with "kerfuffle." I didn't do a very good job of announcing them or getting them ready before the season and, worse, I didn't even manage to get the rules aligned between the two groups.  D'oh.  I'm sorry for that.  We'll do better in the future, I promise. 

So, to make up for my screw-ups, we're going to declare two winners for the regular season College Pick 'Em contest, one for each group. In the first group, congratulations to Sean Considine's Bromance, who carried the day with 165 points, just barely edging out Fryser with 164 points.  Well done!  Here's the complete top ten: 

1) 165 -- Sean Considine's Bromance
2) 164 -- Fryser
3) 163 -- You know what the music means.
4) 158 -- On the Mends
4) 158 -- Nope
6) 157 -- Hawkeye Fan in IN
6) 157 -- GTom
8) 156 -- Pinesol_hater
8) 156 -- Boschee4Three
10) 155 -- IowaPharmer

Meanwhile, in the second group, Jmsmith2875 was our big winner, with 191 points, holding off TaCoWReCKeR at 189 points. Outstanding!

Here's the complete Top 10: 

1) 191 -- Jmsmith2875
2) 189 -- TaCoWReCKeR
3) 187 -- Jakedfowl319
4) 185 -- Cleve Hawk
4) 185 -- Mighty Might Bowerstones
6) 183 -- Van Buren Boys
6) 183 -- Naperville Hawke
6) 183 -- Josey and the Pussycats
9) 180 -- Buddy V
9) 180 -- SorryMissJacksonButIamJaleel  (Ed. Note: That name is spectacular.)

Thanks to everyone who played this year. As winners, Jmsmith2875 and Sean Considine's Bromance each get a Go Iowa Awesome shirt of their choosing. Email me (ross-at-goiowaawesome-dot-com) so we can get you sorted out there. 

But now it's time for bowl season! We're going to be using College Bowl Mania at ESPN for the bowl picks. 

GROUP NAME: GoIowaAwesomeBowlPickEm
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

The game does not involve picks against the spread -- you just pick straight-up winners.

The game DOES involve confidence points, so you'll want to rank your picks after you've picked winners in each game. Confidence points are ranked 1-42, with 42 being your MOST CONFIDENT pick and 1 being your LEAST CONFIDENT pick. 

The bowls start up on December 17 (Saturday), so be sure to get your picks in. You can change your picks (and the confidence points) for each game right up until kickoff, when the pick (and the confidence points) lock in. Of course, once you use a confidence point amount, it's done for the rest of the bowl season (so if you put 5 points on the Houston-San Diego State winner on 12/17, you cannot put 5 pointso n any other game in bowl season). 

Join up and let's have some fun. The winner of our bowl pick 'em throwdown will also receive a Go Iowa Awesome shirt of their choosing.  

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