Your Obligatory Go Iowa Awesome Shop Update

By Patrick Vint on December 15, 2016 at 12:58 pm

A few items for the Go Iowa Awesome Shop, always available at

We finally have the Go Iowa Awesome wrestling and basketball shirts in stock, so order should go out within 48 hours of ordering.  Thanks for the patience from everyone who ordered early.  All of our shirts are sent USPS Priority Mail, which means you should have them within a couple of days in regular circumstances (probably within the week during the Christmas season).

Also, we liked the gold shirts (American Apparel, which means comfortable as all get-out) so much that we just had the basketball shirts printed on them, as well.  We're discontinuing the white basketball shirt.  Good news: They're available in gold going forward.

Go Iowa Awesome basketball shirts

They're so cool that my wife wants one, and she hasn't wanted a blogshirt since pretending to want one when we first started dating.

We also got our GIA stickers in, with the worst ever drawing of the state of Iowa for your simulated graffiti needs.  


Each order gets a couple of them (for those who had early orders, I'll send a couple out, but it likely won't be until after the first of the year).

So head on over to Go Buyowa Awesome and get your orders in, support the site, and give your friends and family the gift of awesomeness.

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