Get Your Hot New 'Go Iowa Awesome' Merchandise Before It's Too Late

By Patrick Vint on May 15, 2017 at 10:13 am

Admit it: You screwed up Mother's Day.  You forgot your mom, or your wife, or someone else who is probably going to be mad at you for weeks because you aren't good at stuff like that.  It's going to be miserable.

Don't worry, because Go Iowa Awesome has your back.  Buy that special lady one of our new Go Iowa Awesome hats and tell her they weren't available until after Mother's Day.  We won't tell her the truth.  Your secrets are safe here.

There are two new styles to choose from.  For the person who enjoys watching another's face go from menacing to understanding to pleased within three seconds of looking at their hat, the Make Iowa Awesome Again hat is sure to do the trick (trust me, I've been wearing it all weekend in Nebraska; it's having the opposite effect here).

Make Iowa Awesome Again

Made of breathable, stretchable athletic mesh, with a velcro adjustable strap on the back (and a Go Iowa Awesome banner logo right next to it, in case anyone was wondering), this hat is as close as you can get to the NO POLITICS rule at GIA without being banned.

For those less into politics and more into poorly-drawn maps made in MS Paint, we're also offering the Go Iowa Awesome logo hat.

Go Iowa Awesome hat

With an embroidered logo and white stitching on a black background in the front and white mesh with a snapback enclosure (and GIA logo) on the back, it's like wearing a mullet without having to actually grow it.

Initial supplies on both hats are limited -- we'll order more if needed, but there's about a six week lag time to get them -- so be sure to get your orders in now.  And as always, the rest of your favorite Go Iowa Awesome gear is still available (we even have a handful of 'Give Us 14' shirts left at just 15 bucks).  So head over to Go Buyowa Awesome and get shopping.  Your mom would want it that way.

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