Shop Iowa Awesome: 25% Off Orders Over $25 Through Labor Day

By RossWB on August 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Get your buy on.
Go Buyowa Awesome

Are you wondering what to wear for the season to come? Never fear, your benevolent blog overlords at Go Iowa Awesome are here to help. Might we suggest some sharp-looking Go Iowa Awesome merch to make sure you're the coolest-looking person at your tailgate? Perhaps a classic GIA logo shirt or one of our Give Us 14 shirts, if you want to commemorate Iowa's triumphant upset of Michigan last season (or rub a little salt in the wounds of your Michigan fan-friends) (we're down to the final few of those, so get them while you can). 

GIA shirts

Or maybe a hat to cover your noggin and protect it from the sun's rays: 

GIA hats

No matter what, this is the best time ever to pick up some Go Iowa Awesome gear, because we're going the Full Wadley and running our best-ever sale in honor of Number 25: 25% off all orders over $25 from now through Labor Day. Just enter promo code AKRUM when making your purchase. Just point your browser to Go Buyowa Awesome