College Pick Em Final Standings + Bowl Pick Em

By RossWB on December 12, 2017 at 5:30 pm
Get yer picks in!

Well, friends, we did it: we made it through another year of college football pick 'em. And it was a pretty good year, I think. I liked the freedom of choosing games that FunOfficePools allowed and the interface was (mostly) pretty good. I'll try to do better about getting the games selected more promptly.

In any event, let's take a look at the final regular season standings: 

1 JacksonJAJ 134-91 134
2 The Butler did it! 129-96 129
3 RoboHawk94 127-98 127
3 Samilcar 127-98 127
5 In Kirk We Trust 126-99 126
6 TaCoWReCKeR 125-100 125
6 Airbhg 125-100 125
8 Crow Iowa Cawesome 124-101 124
8 laynesheetz 124-101 124
8 Emrck68 124-101 124

Congrats to JacksonJAJ, who topped the field with 134 correct picks this year -- well done! That's good stuff. Shoot me a line at ross at goiowaawesome dot com and we'll get you set up with a Go Iowa Awesome shirt of your choosing for winning the regular season competition this year. 

Shouts to these folks for getting best of the week honors over the course of the season:

1 RoboHawk94
The Butler did it!
Barta HR Fund
13-5 13
2 Crow Iowa Cawesome 16-2 16
3 laynesheetz
Mile High Fry Guy
13-4 13
4 Team But-Wad 13-3 13
5 Hawk in Madison 13-3 13
6 Ask James Butler
Creighton M
The Ironmen
11-5 11
7 RobHoughtlinForTheWin
Wrong... do it again!
Punting Is Winning
Easley Peasley
10-6 10
8 JacksonJAJ 12-4 12
9 JacksonJAJ
I Gotta Know Know Noah Your Fantasy
11-6 11
10 Samilcar
13-4 13
11 laynesheetz
13-3 13
12 In Kirk We Trust 12-4 12
13 TaCoWReCKer
14-2 14
14 Hawktober 10-0 10

A doff of the cap to Hawktober for recording the only perfect week all season in Week 14, too; sure, it was just a 10-game week, but no one else managed to pull it off. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pick Em game this year. And, of course, we'll be offering a Bowl Pick 'Em contest as well. In fact, this year we're going to do TWO Bowl Pick 'Ems, one through ESPN and one through FunOfficePools. 

Go Iowa Awesome College Football Bowl Pick 'Em at FunOfficePools

If you were already a member of the regular season GIA Pick 'Em game at FunOfficePools, good news -- I've imported you into the bowl pick 'em game there, so you won't need to sign up for it. You can just go in and make your picks

If you weren't a member of the regular season game there, though, you can still sign up, using this link

GROUP NAME: Go Iowa Awesome Bowl Pick Em
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

If you're not able to get in or not able to make your picks, let me know. 

Like the regular season, these picks are against the spread, so be sure to factor that in mind when making your picks. So for instance if you pick Oregon to win the Las Vegas Bowl on Saturday, keep in mind that they will have to cover the 7.5 point spread against Boise State for your pick to be correct. There are no confidence points in this game. 

GoIowaAwesomeBowlPickEm at ESPN

If you were a member of the GoIowaAwesomeBowlPickEm game at ESPN last year, you should be able to rejoin that same group when you enter this year's game. You can create a Bowl Mania entry here. You can also join the group if you weren't in the game last year.

GROUP: GoIowaAwesomeBowlPickEm
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

The picks in this game are NOT against the spread; you just need to pick the correct winner for each game. These picks DO include confidence points, though, so be sure to allocate those accordingly. If you think Florida Atlantic is going to smash Akron, be sure to put a LOT of confidence points on FAU. Likewise, if you have no idea who's going to win between Louisiana Tech and SMU, you might want to put very few confidence points on that game. 

Any questions? Let me know. 

The winner of the FunOfficePools Bowl Pick Em game and the ESPN Bowl Mania game will each win a Go Iowa Awesome shirt of their choice. Good luck to all. 

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