The Go Iowa Awesome Garage Sale Starts Now

By Patrick Vint on March 12, 2018 at 9:57 am
The Garage Sale
Public Domain

Everyone reaches that point eventually.  You know, that point where there's just too much stuff in your basement and you have to clear out some space.  The easiest way to do that?  Garage sale!  Open the doors, put some change in the cash box, and announce to the world that everything must go.

You may not know, but G.I.A. shirts and hats are stored in plastic totes in my basement, and orders are filled in the middle of the night from a makeshift desk in that basement.   We would like to add some new gear for next year, but there's not enough space for that until some of this other stuff is gone, so starting today and going through the end of the month, we are opening the garage door and getting that cash box out of storage.

Use promo code 'GARAGESALE' -- or just click this link to auto-load the discount -- and you'll get half off your order at Go Buyowa Awesome.  That means shirts are about 10 bucks, hats are $12.50, and every order comes with free G.I.A. stickers.  No minimum amount you have to order, no limit on the number of times you can order.  It's not a real garage sale, so you'll have to take care of shipping charges, but still, that's a bonkers deal.  We're that desperate to clear out the basement and get ready for another round of gear.  So if you've ever been on the fence about getting some G.I.A. gear, now's the time.  Thanks, as always, for your support of Go Iowa Awesome.

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