Go Iowa Awesome Presents: 20 For 20

By Patrick Vint on April 10, 2018 at 2:30 pm
Kirk on Gameday
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On December 2, 2018, Kirk Ferentz will celebrate his twentieth anniversary as the head coach of Iowa's football program.  If things go well, he will still be coaching his twentieth group of Hawkeyes on that date.  He is now the longest-serving coach in school history, and, barring a total disaster, will become the winningest coach in school history this September.  Quibble with his style, his contract, or his staff choices all you want, but there's one thing above argument: Kirk Ferentz has brought success far beyond what was expected when he was hired twenty years ago.

Fortunately, there's plenty of other stuff to quibble about, and quibble we shall.  Starting next week and continuing throughout the summer, Go Iowa Awesome presents "20 For 20," a series of Top 20 lists chronicling the Ferentz era.  Roughly each week -- we might need some recovery time, particularly around holidays -- one G.I.A. contributor will present a Ferentz-era Top 20, and everyone else -- you, us, people we don't even know -- can call us idiots and make their own.  We'll cover the basics -- Best players, best wins, worst losses, biggest plays -- and probably a bunch of stuff that isn't quite so simple.  And we'll probably be wrong, and you can tell us just how wrong we are.

So here's to the offseason, and to football, and to the Dean of College Coaching.  We've got time to kill and an anniversary to celebrate.  Have at it.

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