Go Iowa Awesome Trucker Hats and Beanies Now Available for Preorder

By Patrick Vint on August 8, 2019 at 10:14 am
We make great hats, we make great hats
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For those of you who don't ever scroll to the bottom of the page, we have hats and shirts and stuff at our online store, Go Buyowa Awesome.  It's pretty rad.

We here at GIA are gearing up for the 2019 season, and we know you are too.  That's why we're bringing back one of our most popular items ever, the Go Iowa Awesome Trucker Hat.  GIA logo embroidered on the front, trucker mesh in the back, and big enough for even my giant melon.  It's my favorite hat, and I'm not saying that because I designed it and want you to buy one.

Of course, November football will be here soon, and wearing a baseball cap on a windy, sub-40 day isn't always the best move.  We've got you covered there, too, with the all-new GIA Beanie.  It's warm, comfortable, woven, for when beating Ohio State by 31 isn't enough to warm your black-and-gold heart.  We're running a limited shipment to see how popular they are; if they go fast, we'll get more as quickly as we can.

Finally, we do still have shirts, and we want to get those sold so that we can get more.  To that end, if you buy any GIA hat and enter the promo code PRESEASON at checkout, you'll get any GIA shirt for 33 percent off.  They're already pretty cheap.  We're making them cheaper.  Offer good until kickoff against Miami (Ohio).

Thanks for continuing to support Go Iowa Awesome!

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