[UPDATED] Protect Your Head With The Go Iowa Awesome Beanie

By RossWB on December 10, 2019 at 8:00 am
go beanie awesome

Friends, have you noticed that it's getting cold outside? As I write this, there's snow falling outside my window. And the forecast calls for high temperatures of five degrees over the next two days. My noggin is going to be in trouble if I don't protect it from the harsh elements that threaten it with harm. After all, we need to protect our brains for what truly matters: arguing on message boards about the college choices of 18-year olds or debating why the Iowa offense stinks so much. And even if you don't live in an arctic hellscape for six months out of the year like me, you can probably use some sharp-looking (and warm!) headgear in your life.  

Enter: the Go Iowa Awesome beanie. With our new stocking cap, you can protect my head from the dreaded cold. And you can look stylish doing so! 

go iowa awesome
go iowa awesome

Our sources also indicate that a Go Iowa Awesome beanie can make you an even more charming conversationalist, too! 

hello, tiger

The front of the cap says "GO IOWA" in bold letters to let people know where your allegiances lie, while the back of the cap says "AWESOME" to let people behind you know that they are, indeed, in the presence of someone truly awesome. 

What a life-changing item of apparel! Head on over to Go Buyowa Awesome to secure your new hat today. Added bonus: checkout code RONBURGUNDY gets you free shipping until the end of the week! What a deal. So what are you waiting for? Join the Go Iowa Awesome beanie revolution today!

UPDATE: We are currently out of inventory on the beanie. More coming soon, but maybe not until 2020. Promo code RONBURGUNDY will still get you free shipping on any items at Go Buyowa Awesome through Sunday, though. 

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