Week 2 GIA Pick 'Em Standings + Week 3 Picks

By RossWB on November 5, 2020 at 8:31 am
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Two weeks down in this, the strangest Big Ten season of our lifetimes. It's not going well for our beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, of course, 0-2 with an offense that treats halftime like midnight treats Cinderella. But perhaps there's been more joy in the GIA Pick 'Em contest? (Not for me; my picks have been terrible -- 9-22! -- through the first two weeks.) 

Here's the updated Top 10 in the standings after Week 2: 

Week 2 standings

Congrats to Smokinthereiff for opening up a narrow two-game edge on his closest challengers after two weeks. He used a dynamite 12-3 showing in Week 2 to ascend to the top of the heap. There are a quartet of pursuers just two wins back of him, though, in John Hawktoasten, Levi's, NiwdogISU, and IC_Brewed. Well done by all. The full standings are available here

Picks are live for Week 3 (which is technically Week 10 in the 2020 season, but Week 3 for us and the Big Ten) and for the first time all season they include some #Pac12AfterDark action as well, since the Big Ten's sister conference on the west coast is making their own return to action this weekend. The full Week 3 picks are available here

NOTE: While there are no Big Ten games on Friday this week, there are still two Friday games to pick -- #11 Miami at North Carolina State and #9 BYU at #21 Boise State. So be sure to get your picks in early to include those games. Otherwise, all remaining games will still be available to pick on Saturday. 

As always, picks are against the spread, so keep that in mind when making your selections. Will Ohio State beat Rutgers this week? Seems likely. But will they beat them by 39 or more points? Hmm...