Week 4 GIA Pick 'Em Standings + Week 5 Picks

By RossWB on November 19, 2020 at 9:09 am
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We're now almost halfway through this strange, truncated 2020 Big Ten season, but the Pick 'Em train is still chugging along. Here's the updated Top 10 (and ties) after Week 4: 

Week 4 standings

Smokinthereiff is still our leader and he still has a two-game edge on his next closest challenger. And his next closest challenger is still John Hawktoasten -- no changes at the top this week. IowaHawkGuy and John Clark are lurking right behind those two in third and fourth place. The full standings are available here

The picks for Week 5 (Week 12 for the broader college football world) are also live and we've got 17 games (for now!) to choose from, including the first full slate of Big Ten action since (I think) Week 1. Huzzah! (EDIT: Well, it was a full slate... -- RB) Full Week 5 picks are available here

NOTE: There is another Friday game to select this week, although Iowa is not involved. Purdue-Minnesota is your Friday Night Football this week. Will the Gophers look as dire as they last Friday? Perhaps! 

As always, picks are against the spread, so make sure to factor that in as you make your picks. Do you feel good about Michigan bouncing back and beating Rutgers? Maybe. But how do you feel about Michigan beating Rutgers by 10 or more points? Hmm... 

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