Week 8 GIA Pick 'Em Standings + Week 9 Picks

By RossWB on December 17, 2020 at 8:59 am
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One final week for all the marbles. The final week of this always-strange 2020 season is on tap for this weekend and with it, a conclusion to the 2020 GIA College Pick 'Em contest as well. This week's picks will wrap up the regular season game and we'll launch the Bowl Pick 'Em after that -- likely on Sunday, after the bowl match-ups are announced. 

Here's the updated Top 10 (and ties) heading into the final week of games: 

Week 8 standings

Things remain tight at the top, with IowaHawkGuy taking a narrow one-game lead over whuelberthIC_BrewedSmokinthereiff, are John Hawktoasten just two games back of the lead as well, with several more right on their heels. Things are definitely set up for a dramatic finish here. The full standings are available here

The picks for Week 9 (Week 16 for the non-Big Ten football universe) are up and there are 15 games to pick from -- although for the first time this year, an Iowa game is not one of them, due to the Iowa-Michigan game getting canceled earlier this week. We do have all of the conference title games (I think -- hopefully I didn't omit any), as well as the other Big Ten games that are set to be played this week and a bonus game or two to get us to a nice 15-game set. (For now, at least; as always this season, schedules are subject to change.) The full set of Week 9 games are available here

NOTE: There are several Friday games to pick, including the AAC Championship Game, the MAC Championship Game, the Pac-12 Championship Game, and (snicker) Nebraska-Rutgers. So be sure to get your picks in early to make sure you're able to select those games. And finally, we are picking games against the spread, so be sure to factor that into your selection. Ohio State is heavily favored to beat Northwestern -- but if they win, will it be by at least three touchdowns? Hmm. 

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