Need New Swag? Check Out Homefield's New Iowa Shirt

By RossWB on September 8, 2022 at 1:01 pm
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Homefield Apparel

Remember last week when we announced our partnership this season with Homefield Apparel, peerless purveyors of vintage college apparel? Well, good news, friends -- in honor of the biggest game in the country region state of Iowa this week, the CyHawk showdown between Iowa and Iowa State, the fine folks at Homefield Apparel have a brand-new vintage Iowa design for you to check out. You can see it in the header image up top, or right here: 

Homefield Iowa tee

Snazzy. The old school flying hawk logo is still quality, much as we love the modern tiger hawk logo. 

You can purchase that tee (or any other Iowa design) from Homefield's Iowa collection, available here:

And don't forget that first-time customers can get 15% off their first order by entering the code GOIOWAAWESOME at checkout. 

Go Homefield. Go Iowa. Go Awesome? Sure, let's go with it. 

NOTE: This is a sponsored post. But I think you know us pretty well by now: we would not partner with any brand or company that we didn't fully support.