Go Audio Awesome 3.12: Talk to Your Children About Undefeated Minnesota

By Patrick Vint on November 15, 2019 at 8:34 am
TFW the kids didn't tie the boat to the dock properly
© Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota is 9-0 and coming to Kinnick Saturday.  This is not a drill.  We man the battle stations and talk with Gopher expert JD (@jdmill) of Taken All Wrong, a Minnesota sports podcast.  JD also writes a bit about the Gophers over at Still Got Hope.  We discuss the usual: Fleck, quarterbacks, Minnesota's plagiarism of early-aughts Iowa, and the current structure of the Minnesota Pyramid of Hate.  It is civil, nearly friendly, like John Wick sharing a drink with that guy who's trying to kill John Wick.

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