Is This Heaven? No, It's the Pod of Dreams

By BenSewardLewis on February 23, 2022 at 9:00 am
Pod of Dreams

Hey folks! We interrupt your regularly scheduled Hawkeye programming for a special announcement. Since college football season has ended, Ben and Eric have felt a deep, attention-less void in their lives and decided to launch another podcast. The caveat, this podcast has nothing to do with Hawkeye sports (boo!) or Gopher sports (yay!) This is a movie podcast.

So, kind internet strangers, you may be asking "A movie podcast? Just a movie podcast? Surely you have some sort of angle to make it more interesting." You are spot-on! Our shameless gimmick idea is to talk about movies that connect, a la six degrees of separation, to the all-time Iowa film, Field of Dreams. Ben and Eric alternate picking the movie every week, so long as they can connect it to back to Field of Dreams. That's it. That's the premise.

To start things off, we talk about the perplexing and divisive Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. And well, it is still pretty perplexing and divisive. 

We plan on releasing a new pod each week. It will be available here or on Spotify, Apple Music and just about anywhere else that you might want to listen. We appreciate any 5-star reviews, likes, and subscriptions, as that stuff all helps with promotion and to convince our wives we aren't total losers. (And if you want to follow us on Twitter: @Eric_Laine and @BenSewardLewis.)





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