Go Iowa Awesome Commenting Policy

The Go Iowa Awesome community is large, strong, and diverse. It is, in our (admittedly biased) mind, one of the best in all of Blogfrica. Our readers are white, black, Asian, Indian, Arabic, Hispanic, of mixed ethnicity, male, female, trans, cis, straight, gay, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Unitarian, atheist, poor, rich, patriotic, subversive, uneducated, smart, white-collar, blue-collar, no-collar, and in the military. If you have such a problem with people in any of those categories that your comments make them feel unwelcome here at GIA, that is your problem and not theirs.

With that, our rules are pretty simple:

1) No slurs;
2) No NSFW or otherwise work-inadvisable pictures;
3) No plagiarism;
4) No trolling;
5) No politics;
6) No links to unauthorized broadcast streams.

Any violation of this policy can earn you the banhammer.  No warnings.  No three strikes rule.  You've read this policy, and you're an Iowa fan.  You know better.

Oh, and what about those Awesome Points, you ask? You can read up on how those work here.

Feel free to email us ([email protected]) if you have any questions.