By Adam Jacobi on February 25, 2017 at 7:35 pm
Jordan Bohannon sizes up the kill.
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That score is not a typo.

Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. Jordan Bohannon for 3. None of those are reruns. JoBo went 8-for-10 from behind the arc, leading all scorers with a career-high 24 points, and Iowa incinerated No. 24 Maryland at the XFinity Center, winning 83-69 in front of a stunned crowd. 

The Hawkeyes won this game from behind the arc, shooting an absurd 16-for-26; with even an average performance there, Maryland likely wins. But that's the point of a player like Bohannon: he's not just an average three-point shooter. He rocked poor Melo Trimble's world because that's what he's here to do, and while Iowa can't exactly count on 80% three-point shooting from here on it, it certainly can count on him being a lethal part of the offense when he gets to take deep shots in rhythm, and Iowa did a phenomenal job facilitating that.

Of Bohannon's eight threes, five were assisted—and from five different players. Isaiah Moss, Brady Ellingson, Tyler Cook, Ahmad Wagner and Nicholas Baer each delivered an assist to JoBo for a three, in addition to his three makes off the dribble. So how is a defense supposed to account for that? What avenues is it supposed to cut off when the team's ability to get its best deep shooter the ball is so robust? 

Iowa was uncharacteristically hot in the opening minutes, which is extremely fortunate because the defense had taken its customary first few minutes to do, well, anything. As a result, the game was already 23-22 Hawkeyes at just the second media timeout. Iowa was then able to extend its lead by letting Tyler Cook go full beast-mode; he had 15 of his 21 points by the break. Iowa built its first double-digit lead with a minute left in the first half, and the Hawkeyes spent the last 16:13 of the game up by more than 10 points. This was a 40-minute beating, one nobody in College Park saw coming, and it was glorious.

Maryland, meanwhile, was downright pedestrian on offense. Extremely Large Human Being Damonte Dodd spent the entire game in foul trouble, eventually bowing out in just 17 minutes with six points to show for his effort—and another helping of Tyler Cook's Death Stare:

With Dodd functionally useless, Maryland had to rely on its perimeter game, and the Terps were only 11-for-34 from downtown. Announcers Jason Benetti and Jim Calhoun spent most of the game grumbling that shooting that many threes isn't a good gameplan, but a team like that didn't have any better options.

With players like Cook and Cordell Pemsl in the post (to say nothing of weapons like Ryan Kriener and incoming center Luka Garza), Iowa's going to be able to draw a ton of fouls for years to come, and keep making teams one-dimensional against their will. This is the formula, and it looks great.

Anyway, that's a 14-point win at a ranked team, led by a pair of freshmen each scoring 20+ and burning down the upperclassmen guarding them. So you know good and damn well what time it is. 


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