2017 Iowa Basketball Season in Review: Maishe Dailey

By Matthew Lundeen on April 26, 2017 at 12:02 pm
Maishe Dailey played sparingly this year, but what we did see of him at least looked encouraging.
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Maishe Dailey played sparingly this year, but what we did see of him at least looked encouraging.

Maishe Dailey

Bio: Freshman G, 6'6", 183 lbs. (Beachwood, Ohio)
2017 Season: 12 Games Played, 7.6 MPG, 2.3 PPG, 1.6 RPG

Season in Review

Top 3 Games by Opponent Adjusted Game Score Per Minute
  • 1) vs. Virginia 0.73 -- 0 points and 1 rebound in 2 minutes
  • 2) at Illinois 0.63 -- 2 points, 1 rebound, and 1 assist in 6 minutes
  • 3) at Purdue 0.43 -- 2 points (1-1 shooting) in 7 minutes
Bottom 3 Games by Opponent Adjusted Game Score Per Minute
  • 1) at Minnesota -1.80 -- 0 points, 1 turnover, and 1 foul in 1 minutes
  • 2) vs. Omaha 0.00 -- 0 points in 4 minutes
  • 3) vs. UNI 0.00 -- 0 points in 4 minutes

If anyone was going to redshirt this past season, Maishe Dailey was the prime candidate. He was an under the radar guy who didn't even commit to and sign with the Hawkeyes until May of last year. Dailey initially signed with Rutgers, but was released from his letter of intent when Eddie Jordan was fired. Iowa came knocking when Andrew Fleming and Brandon Hutton decided to transfer out of the program, and the Hawkeyes suddenly needed another point guard wing player. (Nicholas Baer received the other open scholarship.)

When you saw him play in his highlight tapes and in the Prime Time League, it was clear that Dailey was athletic. It was also clear, however, that it was going to take some developmental seasons to coach him up. Not to mention, it was going to take some time in the weight room, as he was 6'6" tall, but only 183 lbs. I mean, I'm 180 lbs, but four inches shorter and people tell me to eat a sandwich. I can only imagine what they tell Dailey. 

Under all of those circumstances, Dailey seemed like the ideal redshirt candidate. And when he didn't play in the first game against Kennesaw State, it seemed like there was a chance it would happen. But, then, in game number two, Dailey saw 13 minutes against Savannah State. He scored six points, grabbed three rebounds, had two steals, and blocked one shot. However, he also had two turnovers and two fouls. You take the good with the bad with freshmen.

After that, Dailey played in just six more non-conference games. He looked good against Stetson, tallying five points and four rebounds in 11 minutes, and then had probably his best game against Delaware State, playing 21 minutes and scoring eight points, rebounding seven missed shots, and dishing out two assists. He also showed off some pretty nifty defense and logged his only dunk of the season against the Hornets.

Dailey would only play in five more games over the course of the season. He logged 10 minutes just once in those five contests, and it came against the team he was initially set to play for before he signed with the Hawkeyes. And while he only scored two points that night, I bet it was still fun for him to go to New Jersey and run the Scarlet Knights out of their own gym. 

Overall, there wasn't a ton to take away from Dailey's 91 minutes of action this season. Peter Jok and Nicholas Baer dominated the minutes on the wings, and Dailey wasn't quite ready to wrestle playing time from Isaiah Moss, Brady Ellingson, and Christian Williams. Next year he should get his chance, though. 

Key Numbers

54.5% -- He only attempted 22 field goals all season, but Dailey's 54.5% eFG% was actually very good. He shot 6-10 from two-point range and 4-12 from distance. It's a small sample, but at least he was good in that small sample.

18.3% -- In his short stints on the court, Dailey put his 6'10" wingspan to good use, grabbing 18.3% of all defensive rebounds available to him. Again, I am reiterating that his sample size is so small to render any type of predictability useless, but that percentage was higher than everyone but Ryan Kriener this season. I certainly don't expect that to continue to this extent, but with his long arms, that high of a number could definitely be a sign of a skill.

2.4% -- Again putting his arms to good use, Dailey's 2.4% steal rate was fourth on the team, behind Nicholas Baer, Christian Williams, and Ahmad Wagner. With his length and athleticism, Dailey certainly appears like he could be a very good defensive player. And one that can create the havoc that Fran likes on defense. 

Next Year

With the graduation of Peter Jok and Connor McCaffery looking less and less likely to suit up for Iowa basketball next year, the window of opportunity for Dailey is open fairly wide next season. Nicholas Baer is cemented at the small forward position, and Isaiah Moss has the upper hand on the starting shooting guard position. (Though, he still has to show that he is more than just upside.) However, guys like Brady Ellingson and Christian Williams -- Dailey's likely main competition for backup minutes at the two and three spots -- all have flaws like he does, meaning a big step forward in his game could get him quite a bit of playing time next season.

So what does Dailey need to show next year?

Well, considering that defense was an issue for the Hawkeyes this past season, and Iowa seems to have quite a bit of offensive firepower, Dailey could earn himself some playing time by showing that he has what it takes to be a good perimeter defender. After all, it was perimeter defense that got Isaiah Moss into the lineup this season -- inconsistent offensive game and all -- which means that you can see a path to playing time for Dailey if Iowa still needs another perimeter defender and someone like Christian Williams doesn't take that next step forward on offense. He showed in 91 minutes this season that he can use his long arms to rebound, block shots, and jump the passing lane, so hopefully we can see him start to put that all together into a total defensive package. 

On offense, Dailey's athleticism also makes for some intriguing upside. He shot the ball well as a freshman and his turnovers weren't out of control, either. If he can make those skills translate over into longer stretches of playing time, you've got a guy who can shoot the ball from deep, take guys off the dribble, and even post up shorter guards.

If he can package that with some quality perimeter defense, there is certainly the opportunity to get on the court every night next season. And if he suddenly proves capable of being a more suitable backup point guard than Christian Williams, his window to playing time would fly wide open. 

Of course, this is all just speculation based on the very limited minutes that Dailey played this season. Despite having seen him on the court this year, he is still quite a bit of an unknown. His shooting may not hold up over the course of more shot attempts or his turnovers may actually rise quite a bit with more minutes on the court. And that's not even taking into account him getting more minutes against legitimate competition. On the other hand, he may be a revelation on one or both sides of the ball. Fran has made a career at Iowa getting the most bang for his buck out of three star recruits, so maybe Dailey will be the latest developmental star. 

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