A Few Notes About 3-on-3 Basketball

By RossWB on June 12, 2017 at 3:40 pm
Ricky Ricky Ricky



So this news item came out on Friday: 

In related news, the BIG3 league gets started in less than two weeks (June 25) on FS1. The BIG3 is a new professional basketball league featuring 3-on-3 basketball. You may have heard us talking about it before because the league involves former Iowa players Ricky Davis and Reggie Evans (alas, not on the same team). 

There's only one conclusion that we can draw from these two items: the B1G3 champion should be the U.S. entrant for the 3-on-3 hoops competition at the Tokyo Olympics. Because Ricky Davis and the GHOST BALLERS squad are going to win the B1G3 and we need Ricky Davis, Olympian in our lives.  We deserve this dammit. (We would also be cool with Reggie Evans and the Killer 3s winning the B1G3 too, because Reggie Evans, Olympian would also be pretty delightful.)

Now you can say "Hey Ross, why would the winner of the 2017 B1G3 competition get a guaranteed spot in the 2020 Olympic Games?" And that's fair, but it just proves your lack of imagination. Because we all know that Ricky Davis and the GHOST BALLERS are gonna 4-peat in the B1G3 before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, at which point the idea of sending any other team to the Olympics will seem like the utterly ludicrous and wrong-headed idea that it truly is. (Unfortunately, as Rodger Sherman points out at The Ringer, the reality for 3-on-3 basketball at the Olympics is almost certainly going to be far less fun and exciting. Boo.)

Also, in tangentially related news, our pals at BTN.com decided to use the news about 3-on-3 at the Olympics to talk about 3-on-3 teams in the Big Ten using current rosters. The rosters they came up with are pretty solid. The Iowa roster they came up with is Jordan Bohannon, Tyler Cook, and Nicholas Baer. Which is... pretty good, really. You've got a couple good outside shooters (Bohannon, Baer), a couple guys who can get rebounds (Cook, Baer), and guys can who finish inside (Cook, Baer). The key is definitely Baer; you need his versatility. Cordell Pemsl and Isaiah Moss (on a good day) are intriguing options, but probably don't push out either Bohannon or Cook. Of course, as fun as that Iowa team looks, just amazing how beastly an Iowa team from the 2015-16 roster could look: Peter Jok, Jarrod Uthoff, and, I dunno, Anthony Clemmons? (I went Clemmons over Gesell because Clemmons was a better one-on-one defender and seemed better at finishing at the rim; Gesell would be a better shooter, but how much more outside shooting do you need with Uthoff and Jok?)

Anyway, what do you think of BTN's 3-on-3 squads? Would Iowa rule the court or would they fall victim to one of the other teams? (Minnesota and Michigan State have pretty nasty-looking teams, too.) Let us know in the comments.

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