What if Iowa Basketball Wore "Blackout" Uniforms?

By RossWB on November 9, 2017 at 6:10 pm
Blackout, Iowa hoops-style

Horace E Cow


It started with a tweet. Sherman Dillard, the always-impeccably dressed assistant coach on Fran McCaffery's Iowa hoops staff, posted this during Iowa's thunderous win over Ohio State last Saturday: 

Sherm, of course, wasn't the only one who thought Iowa's alternate threads looked pretty sharp -- we said as much when they were announced last week and they looked even better in action on Saturday. (And, sure, laying an all-time thumping on Ohio State helped -- they'd look great in almost anything if they're doing that.)  But it got me wondering: what would Iowa hoops uniforms in that style look like? Obviously, the idea of wearing all-black uniforms isn't exactly unusual for Iowa hoops -- their standard road uniforms are all-black.

Peter Jok

(Image credit: Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports)

Still, a "Blackout"-style uniform wouldn't look identical to that. So I enlisted the aid of Horace E. Cow, our friendly neighborhood graphics expert, to come up with mock-ups for what "Blackout-style" Iowa hoops uniforms would look like. And as I think you'll agree, Mr. Cow knocked that assignment out of the park. 

blackout Iowa hoops -- full
blackout Iowa hoops - jersey
blackout Iowa hoops - shorts

Again, these are just mock-ups, created for our own amusement. They are NOT real Iowa basketball uniforms that will be worn this year. But... they look pretty damn good, don't they? 

A big thank you to Horace E. Cow for his invaluable assistance in crafting this post; it literally would not exist without him. Thanks, Horace! 

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