Go Iowa Awesome Tournament Challenge Winner + Final Results

By RossWB on April 3, 2018 at 4:19 pm
Champions here.

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Villanova's complete demolition of Michigan last night means that the Big Ten is now 0-7 in their last seven appearances in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game (#B1G! #B1G! #B1G!) and also means that the 2017-18 men's basketball season is officially in the books. Congrats to 'Nova, who kicked ass from November 'til now, especially in the NCAA Tournament. 

It also means that our 2018 contest is done as well, so it's time to crown a winner. And on that note... congratulations to the entry Lousy Smarchfrom the owner It's the singularity, man! Lousy Smarch finished with 1380 total points and in the 99.8th percentile of all entries, which is not too shabby. The winning entry correctly picked three of the Final Four (Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas; Cincinnati was the outlier from the tremendously screwed-up South bracket) as well as the national title game (Michigan-Villanova) and the eventual winner (Villanova). Since those three rounds are where the big points are in the bracket contest, success there goes a long way in becoming the overall winner. 

Congratulations once again to Lousy Smarch -- you can contact me or Pat at ross-at-goiowaawesome dot com or pat-at-goiowaawesome dot com and we'll get you hooked up with a GIA shirt of your choosing as a reward for your picking prowess. Well done. 

You can check out the full results for the GIA group right here

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