Wisconsin 72 - Iowa 66: 69 Days

By Patrick Vint on November 30, 2018 at 9:51 pm
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It's been 69 days since Wisconsin beat Iowa at football by hanging close to the Hawkeyes for most of the night and grabbing a lead in the last couple of minutes.

It's been 69 days since a promising opening month to an Iowa athletics season ended with a kick in the nuts delivered by the Badgers in Iowa City.

It's been 69 days since a gawky unathletic six-foot-four guy incapable of matching the athleticism of the guys Iowa fielded against him, nevertheless made a couple of big plays in big spots to seal a win.

It's been 69 days since Iowa got a career-best performance from a guy who is only beginning to tap into his full potential, and that that performance wasn't enough to overcome some basic coaching and on-field errors.

It's been 69 days since a loss put Iowa on the outside looking in at a conference title run, since a loss made Iowa reexamine its goals going forward, since we had our first sign that this wasn't going to be a special year.

It's been 69 days since we watched Wisconsin celebrate on our field, in front of our fans, or at least those that didn't leave in the last minute when Iowa's tank was empty and its fate was sealed.

It's been 69 days, and it's not nice.

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