Iowa MBB Debuts New Uniforms For 2019-20

By RossWB on October 10, 2019 at 8:56 am
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Stephen Mally / Hawkeye Sports

It's been a few years since the Iowa men's basketball team has sported new uniforms, but that's going to change in 2019-20. They teased their new uniforms on Tuesday night: 

And on Wednesday, at their Media Day event, they showed off the new look (or at least the home white version of the new look; presumably there's also an inverted black away version of this design and possibly a gold version as well). 

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(photo: Stephen Mally / Hawkeye Sports)

In case you've forgotten what Iowa's previous uniforms looked like, here's a reminder: 

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(photo: Jeffrey Becker / USA TODAY SPORTS)

Overall the new look is a simpler, pared down look from what Iowa had. 

  • The font on the "IOWA" across the chest is a bit different (and in line with the font that Iowa currently uses across the athletic department)
  • The gold outline around the letters and numbers on the front (and back) of the jersey is also gone.
  • There's a black ring around the sleeves on the new uniforms.

The biggest changes are on the shorts: 

  • The arrows on both sides of the shorts (and also on the sides of the jerseys) have been replaced with a brand-new design. A large gold stripe runs down the left side of the jersey (accented with a thin black stripe on both sides). At the bottom of the short the gold stripe turns 90 degrees and creates a gold stripe across the bottom of both shorts.
  • While the previous version of the shorts featured a small tigerhawk on the bottom of the left and right side of the shorts, the new version has a much (much) larger tigerhawk on the right short (clearly visible on Nunge above). 

This asymmetrical design seems to be an homage to a past Iowa basketball uniform -- specifically the 1986-87 look that Iowa rocked: 

Here's a color version of that uniform (albeit a little blurry): 

86-87 threads

That Iowa team went 30-5 and made the Elite 8 so, you know, not a bad look to try and emulate!

There's a photo gallery from Iowa Media Day at Hawkeye Sports that features many more images of the new uniforms, so give that a look

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