We Need To Discuss Jordan Bohannon's Beard

By RossWB on October 10, 2019 at 10:30 am
look at that bad boy
Stephen Mally / Hawkeye Sports

So the big news out of Iowa MBB's Media Day yesterday was probably the new uniforms. But the other big news was probably Jordan Bohannon's beard. And, fam, we need to talk about it because it is pretty great: 

beard power

photo: Stephen Mally / Hawkeye Sports

Just look at that fantastic face fuzz. JBo's gone FULL LUMBERJACK on us and as the official position of Go Iowa Awesome is that beards are good, we couldn't be more excited. 

That beard? That beard is good. It looks full and it's well-trimmed. Nicely done, JBo. 

But what do JBo's teammates think of his beard? 

Look at that shade! Buncha haters. Smells like jealousy to me. They're just mad they can't grow a beard as excellent as Bohannon's. 

But is this new beard a bad omen for JBo? He called it a "recovery beard" during his Media Day comments yesterday and it certainly looks like the beard of someone who might be planning to spend the next six months watching SO MUCH NETFLIX as he continues his recovery from off-season hip surgery. 

I'm choosing to believe otherwise, though. I choose to believe that this is just JBo taking the next step in his evolution as the sweet-shooting point god of Iowa's offense. As the evidence proves, grow a beard and unlock fearsome scoring potential: 

It's just science, folks. So, please, JBo: keep the beard and torch the nets. 

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